My name is a number.

I like 3D. Educated in physics and computer science, 3D modeling hobbyist, learning WebGL for personal projects and because browser-based 3D technologies will become much more relevant in the near future.

Started up this brog because 1. it seems like a good impetus to periodically learn something new and write it up and 2. I’ve always wanted a decent personal page.

(Some of the headers are interactive, by the way. For the header with the sun, the shader is a gutted version of the sky shader by blurspline, who got it from a few other places.)

I do occasional 3D printing, for which purpose I’m writing a utility that does measurements and simple transformations on OBJ and STL files. Very much a WIP and will get more functionality in the future.


A humble Instagram

A humble Artstation

Totally not Minesweeper

clicking practice

play with shaders